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 Project Description
CRM 2013 One Click Navigation is simple and doesn't obstruct anything else CRM does, other than take up just a little bit of real estate. Here's a screen shot:

the area-level navigation of the Site Map is listed at the top. Hovering over any one of the main areas produces a drop-down of the navigable links in that area.

This project was motivated by the CRM 2013 Navigation Contest
and its design was also winner of the same contest

I want to thanks Rhett Clinton, Ramon Tebar and mtcantero for the CRM 2013 Quick View Menu project from where I took some of the codes to build the final solution.


Added one click for Advanced Find



now supporting the following languages

  1. Spanish
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. Portuguese
  6. Russian
  7. Arabic
  8. Chinese
  9. Japanese
  10. Hindi
  11. Hebrew
  12. Korean
  13. Polish
  14. Thai

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